Our Impact

We aim to be a Carbon Neutral company by 2030, while innovating in every aspect of social impact and environmental sustainability.

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time.
We’re decarbonizing housing to help solve it.

We produce zero operational carbon on-site from day one

By 2030, we aim to produce 80% less embodied carbon in construction than today's industry standard

We're working to build our homes so they use 65% less energy per year than today's industry standard

Canada has an affordable housing crisis.
We’re building beautiful, sustainable and attainable housing for generations to come.

Our goal is to have one third of the homes in our portfolio to be at below market rents to meet the Core Housing Need of their local area.

Canada has a labour and social equity challenge.
We’re hiring to solve it, while generating meaningful impact.

We aim to spend at least 80% of our project costs with local labour and businesses

Our target is for 20% of our projects to be Universal Design - accessible to all

If we’re going to turn ideas into ideals,
we need to measure our impact to prove it.

We’re targeting a $4 social return on investment (SROI) for every dollar we spend on a project

Our actions and targets contribute to the following UN Sustainability Development Goals

We are excited to launch our new Impact Report.
Like everything we do, this report is data-driven and measurable so we can understand how to achieve our goal of developing resilient buildings that are great places to live.

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