Reimagining rental housing across Canada

Our portfolio approach allows us to innovate at scale. To build new mixed-income rental homes where people can put down roots. And new gathering spaces where communities can come together.

We have three types of typologies

These projects are designed to augment existing, usually suburban, neighbourhoods by filling in spaces or undeveloped areas and helping to bridge the needs of new and established residents. People living in these projects are able to feel a part of the existing local community, while new benefits of the development, such as group activities and social clubs, welcome everyone in the neighbourhood.

Our urban houses and shared spaces are thriving with life, enabling mixed-income families and individuals to become part of engaging neighbourhoods all across Canada. They are an opportunity for everyone to make a home and contribute to the local area, while accessing benefits such as support groups and childcare that expand life opportunities for all.

These projects breathe new life into historic urban church sites. By converting existing church buildings into multi-purpose shared spaces and building new homes on the surrounding land, we’re ensuring the sense of community and social bonds that have always existed here live on in a new population of people.

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